Over the centuries researchers have wondered what the significance is to the layout of the Pyramids at Giza. Could they mimic the stars above or possibly hold a secret code hidden within their design? Many believe the three pyramids, one which is smaller and off center from the angle of the other two, is an image of the belt from the constellation Orion. When comparing the layout of the three main pyramids to the night’s sky it becomes obvious the three stars that make up the belt of Orion are almost identical. It seems even more plausible to think this after observing the evidence the Egyptians left behind to prove they were keen observers of the night’s sky. With the advanced knowledge and careful planning it would take to build the pyramids it seems obvious the layout must have been an important part of the design

Using the scale in figure 4 the average distance between the planets are scaled to feet and inches. By entering 7.874015 inches for the Sun’s body diameter the distances used in this research can be observed from the scale in figure 4. Using the numbers from the scale in figure 4, on graph paper, results in the distance of the inner planets. For example, when rounding the numbers to the nearest foot Mercury would be marked at 27 squares, Venus is 51 squares, Earth is 70 etc. Once all of the positions are located this scale can be used to compare with the distances between the pyramids.




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