UMWA UNION Workers Revolt in Washington D.C.

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

United Mine Workers of America (UMWQ) held a labor rally in Washington, D.C. International President Cecil Roberts led the rally.

“So the American Labor Movement supported this President. We spent our money, we did the phone bankings, we knocked on the doors; now 80,000 of us are unemployed!”

Quite a turnaround from 2008 when the same man Cecil Roberts said this:
“Despite what the McCain campaign and some far right-wing blogs would have Americans believe, Sen. Obama has been and remains a tremendous supporter of coal and the future of coal.”

What a difference 6 years makes! Hope and Change?  ha

Union Workers Protest Obama’s EPA Regs: ‘Don’t Even Mention His Name’

Democrats in full revolt against their leadership


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