Broncos Fan Stumbles Through a Time Vortex In South Stands, and is Found Wandering 130 Miles away…

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

DENVER — Friends and family are searching for a man whom they say never returned to his seat after halftime at Thursday’s Denver Broncos game against the San Diego Chargers.  Paul Kitterman, 53, of Kremmling, Colo., was at the game with his son, Jarod, and two friends. He hasn’t been seen since.

Paul Kitterman wandered 130 miles..

DENVER — A man whose disappearance during last week’s Broncos game touched off an extensive search by family and friends told police he had “his fill of football” and walked and hitchhiked about 130 miles to a city in southern Colorado. Paul Kitterman, 53, was found safe Tuesday night in a parking lot in Pueblo after police got a tip that he was in the city. The construction worker looked tired and had trouble walking but a medical exam found him to be otherwise unharmed, Pueblo police Sgt. Franklyn Ortega said. Kitterman told police that he had not watched television in several days and was not aware that people were looking for him.

“He said he had his fill of football and that he likes to walk and wander, and he was looking for a warmer place,” Ortega said.


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