Feminist Teacher Shocks Students by Showing them a video of her Vagina during class

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Self-described feminist Lauren Barri-Holstein shocked her students this week byshowing them a video of her vagina during class.  Ms. Barri-Holstein, a PhD student and lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, was introducing a new module for her class called “Theater and its Others.”  In its introduction, she showed a video from her play “Splat!” The clip, which was shown to first-year students, “shows her inserting a knife handle into her vagina and throwing red tomatoes at the blade, giving birth to a small, plastic Bambi figurine, and inflating a condom.” Ms. Barri-Holstein told the stunned class that it was “feminist performance art concerned with the female body.”  Splat! also has scenes in it where Ms. Barri-Holstein urinates on stage and “dangles” from a harness while nude.



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