Dead California Man found with 1,200 guns says he was an Alien Hybrid

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Man found with $5 million worth of guns is Alien Hybrid
The mystery behind a Los Angeles gun fanatic found decomposing in a car last week has deepened as his fiancée’s family said he was an alien-hybrid secretly working for the government.

The bizarre statement came Wednesday as the betrothed woman’s lawyer identified the dead man as Jeffrey Alan Lash — almost one week after he was discovered rotting in his car parked on the street in the tony Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Los Angeles police found more than 1,200 guns, nearly 7 tons of ammunition, bows and arrows, knives, machetes and $230,000 in cash inside Lash’s home last Friday. They also discovered a Toyota SUV designed to drive underwater among the 14 vehicles registered in his name.

Dawn VadBunker, Catherine Nebron, Jeffrey Alan Lash

Man identified as 60-year-old Jeffrey Alan Lash, of LA County, died July 4 but wasn’t found until July 17 Body was discovered badly decomposed inside a car in Pacific Palisades. Lash’s fiancee Catherine Nebron and her employee Dawn VadBunker dumped the body
Police linked the car to Lash’s fiancee’s house nearby and found 1,200 guns and 6.5 tons of ammunition.  Fiancee’s attorney said Nebron and VadBunker believed Lash was half-alien savior
VadBunker and Nebron fled for Oregon without telling police about Lash’s death because they thought CIA would come to collect his body..


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