Will Quigg KKK Grand Dragon is supporting Hillary Clinton.

Reporter: Who do you like for president, sir.

Will Quigg: Hillary Clinton.

Reporter: Do you think whites are superior to Blacks and Latinos?

Will Quigg: Well we are God’s chosen people.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has received more than $20,000 in donations contributed by members of the Ku Klux Klan, a prominent member of the hate group announced earlier this year.

VIDEO=> KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton

“Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd,” said Clinton, praising the Senator as “a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility.”
“From my first day in the Senate, I sought out his guidance..” Hillary Clinton Referring to KKK Klan member Robert Byrd.

Senator Robert Byrd , D- W.V., wearing full klan garb, was a Kleagle and Exhalted

Hillary herself called praised ex-KKK kingpin Robert Byrd as her “friend and mentor”.
Byrd became the leader of a KKK chapter when he was 24-years-old because he didn’t want to fight alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds,” during World War II.
“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side,” vowed Byrd in a 1944 letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS).
Byrd subsequently wrote another letter in 1946 in which he asserted that, “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.”

Clinton praised man who once called black people “mongrels”

Hillary Slams ‘KKK’ Trump But Her “Friend and Mentor” Was KKK Leader Robert Byrd

Cyclops of the KKK in the 1940s.


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Assange: I Will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th

Rattansi: When will be the date when you will release this leak?

Assange: I will not reveal the exact date but I can promise you this,I Will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th.

Assange: I Will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th

Police saw an El Camino speeding and swerving down 144 S Ctr Street Thursday night and immediately pulled the car over. During a routine field sobriety test, the officer saw several eyeballs slide from the suspect’s pant leg onto the asphalt.damned

Feeling they could have a potential murderer on their hands, police quickly drew guns and cuffed Roy Tilbott, 51, of Casper. Tilbott was quick to assure police that the eyeballs were not human, but instead harvested from cows. Tilbott said he had taken 30 cow eyeballs from Johnson Meats (a slaughterhouse) where he is employed as a meat cutter and smuggled them off the premises in his rectum

Tilbott admitted to police that he has been smuggling out eyeballs nearly every day for several months. “I put them in soups,” Tilbott said. “They’re beneficial for erectile dysfunction, which I currently battle, but I also just like the texture and taste.”

Wyoming Man Found with 30 Eyeballs in His Anal Cavity

Target Spends $20 Million on One-Person Bathrooms After Transgender Stunt Sparks Boycott

Published on Aug 21, 2016

Russia have officially declared that Billionaire George Soros is a wanted man in their country, citing him and his organizations as a “threat to Russian national security”.


Published on Aug 19, 2016
Black Lives Matter Protester Spazzes Out On A Man Named “Hugh Mongous” & Falsely Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment!

Seattle, Washington – Black Lives Matter protester, Zarna Joshi, was at a recent Seattle City Council meeting when she went completely hysterical after she was “sexually harassed,” and demanded police response, then refused to speak with officers when they arrived.